On-Page SEO

We will properly fix your On-Page SEO Aspects, using the newly released On-Page SEO training in RankDaddy Pro.

Proper On-Page SEO, is critical to any SEO campaign. You can have all the links in the world, in effect telling google, “hey google send me the traffic for people searching for this, and that”


If your “On-Page” signals aren’t there, when google looks, sorry, the traffic won’t go to your site, your site won’t rank for all those keyword anchor backlinks that you’ve created.

On the other hand, with proper On Page SEO, Google will know EXACTLY what your web pages are about, and will look for ways to rank those pages accordingly.

With effective On-Page SEO, you’ll find yourself using far less backlinks to rank! Far less!

When should you order this service?

1. On a Brand new site

2. On an existing site

3. On a newly started SEO campaign

4. On a website that already has lots of  SEO / backlinks done. (Many are surprised with a massive rank increase Immediately after Proper On-Page SEO is done in this case, because suddenly Google “recognizes” all those backlinks!

Your On-Page SEO order includes:

Everything needed to be done to a “webpage” to help in rank high in search results, including, but not limited to:

-Initial Audit
– Thorough initial on-page audit
– Main keyword in h1 tag
– Relevant keyword h2 tag(s)
– Keyword(s) in meta title and description (appropriate length)
– Appropriate number of keyword instances within the content
– Keyword alt tag(s)
– Image optimization (as necessary)
– Page speed optimization (as necessary if not server related)
– Detailed completion report provided

Here’s a Sample Report 

CURRENT TAT: 5-10 Days

On-Page SEO

5 Pages and 5 Keywords
$ 100