Agency Website Creation

We now have 5 different Agency Site Templates for you to choose from!

Example Sites:

CURRENT TAT: 14-21 Days


1. If you don’t have a domain yet, is recommended. (They give you a free whois protection an extra layer of security and trust)

2. You must have a hosting account with Site Ground, if you do not have one, go create one at  

Note: When selecting a domain name, there’s no need to use the term SEO. This May actually put you in a corner in the future, when your agency decides to take on things like Facebook ads, or other digital marketing aspects that you may not currently offer. As the example sites indicate, the domain doesn’t really have to directly relate to your industry.  Search the RankDaddy Group for “Agency Website” You’ll see discussions about this. 

Probably the smartest domain/ branding is to use your own name! Like

When you brand yourself, you will never be pigeonholed into one particular service. 

Your website can grow with you and whatever you decide to venture into in the future!

Agency Website

$ 1000