Verified Google Map Listings – GMB

Verified Google Map Listings – GMB

Verified Google Map Listings – GMB


Verified Google Map Listings – GMB

Drop a Google Map listing where ever you want!

We use methods that are proven to work everytime and stick!

Money Back Guarantee if we can’t verify, or if your map listing gets removed within 30 days!

(We’ve never had one removed, thats just for your peace of mind)


Need a Maps Listing for a Lead Gen Site?

Needa Map Listing for a client who services an area which he has no office location?

Cant get Verified?


You provide us with:

Business name of the Business, Phone number, Category, city, state, zip.

As well as this info to create the account.

An established Gmail address and password, as well as recovery email address and recovery phone number. (you provided these when you created the gmail account)


Delivery time 7 – 10 days but in some rare instances, up to 30 days

And don’t forget… Money back guarantee if we can’t get a listing live where you want it.

*NO locksmith, Garage Door or Plumbing listings please. Google only verifies those with live video and entity documentation*

Note: Once it is verified and live it is your responsibility and we will only provide an additional guarantees of 30 days, due to the fact that we can’t possibly track what you do to the listing after we hand it over.

Why pay $300-$350 for this service elsewhere!

IMPORTANT: To prevent Google spam flags from triggering, We need an Established Gmail address to transfer the ownership of the GMB to. It MUST not be a newly created Gmail account, with no use or history.