Press Release + Link Pinging

Press Release + Link Pinging

Press Release + Link Pinging


Press Releases are great for new sites and old. If your site is new, you cant just start pointing high powered links at it (PBNS). It wouldnt appear natural so, the solution to ranking fast is a Press Release. After your site receives nearly 500 links from the TV, Newspaper, Radio, and media outlet websites, It’s totally natural for Google to see lots of links coming in (PBNS) After all, your site just had massive media exposure, so you can rank your sites faster without having to stretch your link building over a period of months.

Is your site stuck in the ranks? Press releases will get it moving! It gives an instant boost of trust and authority from high powered websites owned by TV, Radio, News, and other media outlets.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the entire process. The article will be professionally written, and then distributed to several hundred agencies for posting to their sites. Then we wait until all agencies have replied to us with the link to your release. We then compile a report for you containing all the agency links. Thanks for your patience.

IMPORTANT: Many PR agencies will allow you to use as many as 8 keyword anchors… This is now considered as spam to Google. They see that you are trying to over-seo. We allow ONE keyword anchor, which we use in the body of the article, and one naked url anchor in the bottom area where the company contact info is. This will give the main keyword anchor a major boost in the search results.

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