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Rank On Demand with the Power of a Private Blog Network! The problem, where to find powerful expired domains for your PBN, that have not previously been spammed, penalized or even de-indexed by Google. There are many market places on the internet who sell expired domains with incredible metrics, but its hard for you to trust on them because many of them provide spammy or either low quality expired domains. We spend a great deal of time, sifting through thousands of domains to find the best.

We have built this marketplace for those who want quality domains. We don’t sell garbage. We want you to come back again and again. Plus we have competitive pricing which you will never get on any other market place. We provide 100% replacement guarentee in rare cases of non indexed domains or inaccurate metrics. If you are frustrated of other domain providers then try us once. Trust us you wouldn’t regret.

We will deliver, a highly screened, non spammed domain name with minimum metrics of 20TF (Trust Flow) & 7 RD (# of Referring Domains) measured with Majestic.

Average Domain Metrics: 27 TF 22 CF 16 RD

We use Majestic to check the Metrics.

Majestic TF does fluctuate, it’s part of their algorithm and recently came out and admitted it. They speak about it on their site, in the blog area.


Essentially what’s happening is they have a distributed crawler and they fresh their index around once a week. Sometimes their distributed crawler doesn’t pick up links that it previously had and TF drops. The backlinks are still in place though.

So it’s normal for metrics to “bounce” when using Majestic to check.

Our Replacement Guarantee:
Within the first 30 days, if you see metrics drop below 15 TF for more than 10 days, we will replace.
(Unless it’s a case of The Trusf Flow Yo-Yo)

“Here is a video showing how to properly set up your PBN”

If you’d like a specific domain, please select from these available niches.

Available Niches

If you select a niche that is unlisted or unavailable, we will substitute.


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