Agency Website Creation

Agency Website Creation

Agency Website Creation


Example Urls



Think you absolutely Need an Agency site?

It’s not required to start prospecting but some feel they need one. There’s actually multiple students in RankDaddy who have been in a yr and landed multiple deals with no Agency site!!! Just a Facebook Biz page and Instagram Biz Page. But… if you really need an Agency site, we’re here to help. Cheap!

Agency site will be Modeled after : &


Your job first;

  1. Pick a Biz name:

Use something easy to remember.

Easy to type.

No numbers.

No words that can be spelled multiple ways…

Think: if I tell someone my website, can they type it in without asking questions.

Dual names are great and .com’s available 

Like (animal) (marketing)

Falcon Marketing 

(Color) (digital)

Blue Digital or Digital Blue

Or search the RankDaddy group for “Agency Name” there’s a post with lots of current members Agency names and ideas.

Or just play around at

Oh… Google “godaddy 199”

Find a coupon code for $1.99 domains

  1. You pick 2 primary website colors. (Can easily be changed later, let’s just get a site up)

We create custom content based on your city, and company name. 

You need hosting. Grab cheap hosting with free SSL at